Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Tom McKnight has outperformed my wildest dreams as a Realtor. I arrived at Keller Williams Elite hoping that they would assign an agent to me, and that I would like them. Tom was professional and respectful from the moment I met him. He was always attentive and punctual. He saw to my every need, including well outside the scope of realty, i.e. finding me contractors for repairs and resources for purchases. He handled the massive task of getting my rather quirky home presentable for showing. And he took much weight off my shoulders, as I am alone, with no help. I tried to follow his advice as best as I could within my budget, and it proved spot-on. The “buzz” he created for my “Go Live Day” day was incredible, the Open House was flooded with people and I received 11 offers and sold the home well above asking price in only three days. Thanks to Tom, my home set a new precedent in my sub-division selling for close to $100,000 more than any home has EVER sold for. That is helpful to not only myself but for anyone else considering selling in the neighborhood. I am so very grateful to Tom and his team for the excellent service they provided me. I can’t say enough good things. Thank you Tom McKnight.

— Coinholio